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Exclusive Services

These services can be utilized during the 30 minute "Tune-Up" Session. 

(All of the services may be included in an initial evaluation, 3D gait analysis + assessment, and follow-up session if deemed appropriate per treatment condition.) 

Dry Needling

Dry needling with use of electric stimulation helps create meaningful change in muscles and surrounding tissue - promoting blood flow for nutrients to affected tissue and speaking the language of the nervous system.


Blood Flow Restriction (BFR)

BFR is performed at 40-70% percentage of blood flow occlusion to increase strength potential without having to overload targeted tissue with heavy weight during early healing stages or transition seasons to maximize recovery.


Manual Therapy

Manual therapy techniques includes a variety of techniques (myofascial release, strain counterstrain, functional massage, IASTM, etc.) to restore function of muscles and joints and adjacent tissue.


Cranial manipulation and spinal mobilization

Using a fusion of osteopathic manipulation and muscle energy to restore 'power' to areas of 'weakness'.


3D Gait Anaylsis

Utilizes the RunDNA Helix3D technology to provide detailed objective information supported by an innovative movement assessment of mobility/flexibility and strength/stability specific to the running athlete to increase speed, optimize recovery, and reduce injury.

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