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Returning to running? Have pesky injuries that keep hindering your training plan? Looking to improve performance? Let's make an individualize plan to address your needs to keep you running!

What We Offer

  • Comprehensive total body screen

  • Movement assessment to improve mobility, strength, and efficiency

  • Gait and running assessment

  • Footwear considerations

  • Individualized strength and coordination program

  • Manual therapy

    • Muscle energy technique, dry needling, tooling (e.g. IASTM), taping, etc.

  • Support and encouragement to reach YOUR goals


physical therapy for runners near Brighton, Michigan


"She is a master at solutions and individualizing to meet my needs as an athlete always going above and beyond" 


"I worked with Liesle over a video call about some knee pain other PTs were stumped over. She came up with some unique interventions that did the trick and no one else thought of. Afterwards, I was able to get through some heavy training loads and perform well at Canyons without knee pain."


"Thanks to Liesle I was able to run throughout my pregnancy and pick up where I left off shortly after my daughter was born. She listens and creates personalized treatment plan. She's seriously been a game changer for my running."
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