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Helping you find strategies to manage pelvic floor dysfunction. It's a complex inter-relationship of systems which all have to be addressed. Common diagnoses include (but not limited to) incontinence, prolapse, and pain (painful sex, vaginismus, vulvodynia, dyspareunia). These may be coupled with endometriosis, interstitial cystitis, and/or chronic constipation. Diffuse low back, SI joint, hip, and tailbone pain can be a result of pelvic floor dysfunction.

What We Offer

  • Management of SI joint, low back, and pubic pain

  • Management of pelvic floor dysfunctions

    • Incontinence, prolapse, pain​

    • Endometriosis, interstitial cystitis, constipation

  • Comprehensive total body screen including internal pelvic examination

  • Movement assessment to improve mobility, strength, and efficiency

  • Manual therapy

    • Muscle energy technique, soft tissue mobilization, dry needling, tooling (e.g. IASTM), taping, etc.

  • Exercise considerations for adaptive changes over gestation and post-partum as well as menopause

  • Return to fitness goals

  • Support and encouragement to reach YOUR goals to be the best YOU!

pelvic floor physical therapy near Brighton, Michigan


"I honestly wish I would have started during pregnancy to help with modifications of my weightlifting routine as well as assistance in helping prepare my body for birth! Highly recommend!"


"Thanks to Liesle I was able to run throughout my pregnancy and pick up where I left off shortly after my daughter was born. She listens and creates personalized treatment plan. She's seriously been a game changer for my running."


"She was very patient and thorough in her assessment and was able to pinpoint exactly what needed to be worked on and walked me through practical exercises that will heal and strengthen those muscles. I highly recommend her for pelvic floor physical therapy!"
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